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Oparzo Car seat cushion

Extra comfortable car seat cushion
MVR 750.00 incl tax

OPARZO extra seat cover set

Oparzo extra seat cover (front seat) gives luxury, sporty mood, comfortable ride, RACING SET style, superior with high quality PVC leather fabric, soft and comfortable with DOUBLE LAMINATE SUPER SPONGE, support the weight well. Striking and elegant With beautiful patterns Fit into the shape of the cushion A variety of colors Easy to install and clean Made from synthetic leather material, grade A +, fit fit, sporty design, add beauty to the car. Can be worn over the original fabric cushion to help reduce the dusting of the fabric cushion Which causes allergy Easy to clean, just use a damp cloth to wipe clean. This cushion can be use for office chairs and also can be use at home for the maximum comfort.

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